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How have you been deceived?

Most of us have been deceived. In fact, probably ALL of us have at one point or another. In fact, as it is happening, I can sometimes feel a “spirit of confusion” happening.

A salesperson will be talking to me, and they will say one thing, and then when they present the contract to sign, it will be different. I have a sense of “feeling dumb” if I ask any more questions. In fact, this person has been stroking my ego the whole time, and I would seem like a complete BABOON if I begin to question all over again.

After all, my PRIDE is at stake.

In the above example, I have literally paid thousands of dollars to a phone company advertisement firm because of this. The person responsible took their commission and quit, and the phone company would not rescind on the contract. Now that I know about the principles of deception, this will hopefully never happen again.


How have YOU been deceived recently, or in the past, and how did it affect your life?

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(this post was made by guest author Jerry Dreessen)

Don’t Let Deception Ruin Your Life

Deception author Gary McKibbenAfter spending years working with the homeless, broken, and addicted, Gary McKibben has witnessed firsthand the disastrous result of deception in the lives of thousands of people.  He has also has seen that the truth of the Gospel sets captives free. Truth is the only remedy for a society which is broken, almost beyond repair. It is Gary’s vision to see freedom in the lives of those who are willing to renew their minds under the leading of the Holy Spirit.